This relaxed, informative and enlightening day covers an understanding of the pelvic floor and its roles in the female body. Participants learn protective lifestyle pelvic floor habits and understand how harmful habits can lead to pelvic floor problems. Different pelvic floor muscle problems are discussed along with treatment options.

Other topics covered include pelvic organ prolapse, bladder and bowel issues, menopause, sexual pain, and recovery after childbirth and pelvic surgery. Practical sessions teach optimal posture and breathing and coordination of core and floor muscles. Participants join in pelvic floor friendly exercises and receive a take away manual or copy of Hold It Sister for future reference.

This workshop provides the freedom for women to ask questions and support each other with shared experiences. Participants wear loose, comfortable clothes to participate in exercise activities.

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Upcoming Workshops by Mary O'Dwyer

Australia         March 4, 2012         Sunshine Coast, Qld.   9am-3.30pm   $160   REGISTER  & PAY

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