Pregnancy Complications Increase CVD Risk for Women

The new guidelines on cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention in women have highlighted the fact that women who have had pregnancy complications are at an increased risk of CVD. Pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes during pregnancy, and/or the birth of a preterm infant or an infant who is small for their gestational age, or bleeding in the third trimester are all associated with increased cardiovascular risk.

Dr Lori Mosca, lead author of the manuscript stresses - "This represents a unique opportunity to identify women at an earlier life stage than they might normally present, so we can institute more aggressive preventive therapy and control of risk factors. This is important because often primary care doctors and even cardiologists don't take a pregnancy history.”

Become proactive about reducing CVD if any of the above complications presented in prior pregnancies. Check out the Mayo Clinics 8 heart friendly steps to prevent heart disease -