mother's stories

My name is Beth - this is my second pregnancy and I wanted to get into shape to be fit for this birth. So I started exercising with a trainer when I was 20 weeks pregnant. She was great and set out a strength program to improve my strength and I trained with her usually two, sometimes three times a week. At 26 weeks I developed a pain in my lower abdomen that got suddenly worse so my doctor put me in hospital for tests. After 4 days of tests and rest it was a bit better but no one was any the wiser about the cause.

Fortunately I attended a pelvic floor workshop and was fitted with the pregnancy Recovery Shorts. By the end of the day, my pelvic pain was completely gone. Mary questioned me about my exercise program and felt I might have strained a ligament, as some of the exercises were too strenuous. I had no idea of how to exercise my pelvic floor muscles either!

I learned the right pelvic floor exercises and gave my trainer Mary’s suggestions for a swimming and walking program instead of weights (I really need someone to motivate me to exercise). The pain is ok when I swim or walk and the shorts are really comfortable and supporting. Women’s Health Physios understand what’s happening during pregnancy and are full of practical advice. I’m really happy that I’ve been able to keep exercising because it helps me sleep better and I feel fit before I go into labour.


From Kylie:

"Despite having a twin pregnancy at 35, I've been really fortunate not to have experienced any pelvic floor or bladder problems either during pregnancy or afterwards.  While I guess it could just boil down to good luck, it may also be attributable to the fact that I've always been physically active, including yoga and pilates.  In fact, immediately prior to falling pregnant I was participating in a 10-week exercise program run by my physiotherapist that was all about core strength and pelvic floor muscles.  Perhaps that paid dividends for me, or maybe its just genetics."