Lottie's Story


The following story taken  from Hold It Mama is from one of my clients. It highlights the need to protect and support new mums during pregnancy and post baby as birth experiences remain with a woman emotionally and physically throughout her life.

“The following story concerns a young woman who visited me for pelvic floor advice following the birth of her first child. Lottie experienced depression, isolation and anger after her first traumatic birth in a large, busy city hospital in Australia. To birth her second baby she decided to return to her grandmother’s home in Indonesia.

I was fascinated as she related her birth experience at her grandmother’s home. At five months, a local midwife commenced regular full body massage along with mixing special pregnancy herb teas for Lottie. During her seventh month, the midwife started abdominal massage to correct the baby’s uterine position.

When labour began, Lottie walked and sat as her midwife used firm back and abdominal massage to help control strong contractions. The room was quiet with only her grandmother and midwife present. She didn’t remember the length of her labour, just that is was calm and unhurried.

After her daughter was born, Lottie was visited daily by her midwife who prepared a therapeutic bath, made herb tea to promote breast milk production, performed a full body massage, and wrapped her abdomen.

Lottie was encouraged to move around the house and walk regularly but did not cook or clean until she stopped bleeding. The daily ritual with her midwife continued for 40 days, after which Lottie assured me she felt emotionally and physically strong to return home to her busy life in Australia (and fitted easily into her jeans)!

Lottie’s vastly different experience between her two births stayed etched in my memory. Her story is just one that highlights the importance of educating, listening to, nurturing and protecting women during and after their time of miraculous creation.”

This article asks why American women are treated so poorly in the postpartum period.