Hippy Hippy Hula

Exercises crazes come and go and there’s nothing better than one that taps into childhood fun. I was excited to discover a new exercise business at a local market recently – hula hooping. Unfortunately I’d lost the art of keeping the hoop swinging and after some quick tips, started to regain some twirling equilibrium. The lovely hoop seller now runs 4-week classes – can you imagine the chaotic fun of learning new hoop moves with a group of happy hoopers?
I selected a bright orange hoop and after a couple of home sessions am now regularly twirling for longer sessions. It does become easier with practice and everyone (big and small) lines up for a turn!
This is a great low level, endurance workout for the pelvic floor and core – if the idea grabs you, here are a few hints to help get you started.
Get the right sized hoop – adults need a large one, which will circle slowly. A heavier hoop is easier to control.
Stand tall and with one hand on each side give the hoop a strong horizontal spin around your waist.
Move your hips from side to side into the hoop as it passes over your waist/hips.
Don't give up - have fun, keep swinging and entertaining the kids or grandchildren.