This is a Fitness Australia accredited workshop covering the topics

  • Pelvic floor anatomy.
  • Functions of the pelvic floor.    
  • Relationship between the pelvic floor and core muscles.    
  • Pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions.    
  • Exercise and risk of pelvic floor strain.    
  • Identification of women at risk of pelvic floor strain with exercise.
  • Program modification to reduce risk factors.
  • Pelvic floor in pregnancy and return to activity after childbirth.    
  • Trainer’s role in client pelvic floor awareness.
  • Key indicators of poor pelvic floor and core control.    
  • Specific floor and core function tests.    
  • Practical sessions.
  • Case studies.
  • Pelvic floor friendly exercises and exercise progressions.

This workshop provides the Fitness Professional with the knowledge and confidence to promote pelvic floor health when training women, prescribe a safer training program and know when to refer clients for further advice.

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