Stay active during pregnancy with exercise that is best suited to the pregnant body and protects you from aggravating abdominal muscle separation, back and pelvic joint, ligament and PFM strain. Choose one or a combination of these exercise suggestions that are ideal for low risk pregnant women.

The 'Knack' -  learn to quickly life your PFMs before picking up a weight or sneezing and coughing

Water is the ideal way to exercise right up to birth. Water supports your joints; water’s resistance works muscles and the hydrostatic pressure reduces swelling (you often pee more after a pool session).

Walk for lung and heart fitness and to control excessive weight gains. Stay on level ground after 28 weeks and wear a support garment if your back or pelvic joints are a bit achy.

Prenatal yoga with an experienced pregnancy teacher will help you stay strong and stable, safely stretch pelvic and hip joints and learn valuable breathing and relaxation skills in preparation for labour.

Belly dancing with an experienced pregnancy teacher is a relaxing, fun way to strengthen pelvic floor and core muscles. The focus is on slow movements to encourage good posture, reduce backache and improve fitness.

Low impact exercise classes with an experienced pregnancy teacher combine exercises for balance, posture, muscle strength and safe stretching. Fitball exercises improve balance and stretch bands add resistance to build strength.